Israel Nash - Topaz - Op LP ( black), LP ( colour) en CD - Verwacht in Maart

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Verwacht in Maart  

Israel Nash is back with ‘Topaz’, his first album since 2018’s ‘Lifted’.  ‘Topaz’ is described as “a triumphant rock-and-roll experiment, full of fat horns, gospel choruses, swagger, hope, and pain.” “Music can be the space where people think––even just for a few minutes,” says Nash. “The space is not about changing their lives or political views or their party ticket. It’s about creating something that prompts reflection in a moment––and those reflections have other chain reactions.” Nash has shared the ‘Topaz EP’ – 5 tracks taken from the upcoming album – alongside am intimate live performance video of ‘Canyonheart’ shot at his home studio ‘Plum Creek Sound’ in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Austin. The full-length studio album ‘Topaz’ will be released on the 12th March 2021 on Limited Edition Turquoise Blue vinyl, standard black vinyl, CD and digitally.