Someone - ORBITT II

€ 32,00

Release: 20-06-2020 | Label: [PIAS] / [PIAS]

The ORBIT II release will be an art release as well as a musical one. It will contain 12 psychedelic pop songs on 12” mixed-colour vinyl, beautifully designed artwork on both the outer and inner sleeves and a set of five interactive artwork cards. All artwork is designed by Someone herself, portraying a surrealist, dreamy universe filled with abstract plant-shapes, cosmic constellations and glowing sunsets. The five interactive artwork cards each match up to a song from the album and when viewed through the “Someone presents: ORBIT” app on a smart-device, the artwork will spring to life in Augmented Reality. This triggers the matching song to play and allows for a deeper connection with the lyrics as they appear in mid-air around the frame. Viewers can even interact with the abstract shapes and planets through touch and swipe, drawing them further into a trippy world in which 3d animation and cosmic music merge together perfectly.




On the story behind the songs themselves, Someone offers: “Orbit II is very much an album that is about now. Right now. The goal was to put together a full emotional spectrum, touching on my insecurities and worries about the future (“Every move you make feels out of line / and these days you get frightened by the weather”), the politics and social issues going on in the world right now (“Move easily, the map before you like a melody, moving blissfully beneath the sheet of truth”) but also the more personal struggles and discoveries that come with being this age. Not all super heavy stuff either. Phone addiction. Boring sex. Stuff you can talk about, laugh about. Maybe cry about. ‘Orbit II’ isn’t meant as a personal diary log for me to vent my feelings and that’s that. I’d like it to be more of a bolstering experience, a conversation starter for people who recognize themselves in these songs. The music is optimistic, even if the lyrics sometimes wade into some pretty harsh waters and this balance – to me – helps to bring perspective, positivity and a little humor into the mix. I like the metaphor of space. I guess it is part escapism (the whole ‘Planet B’ idea) but it is also so intriguing to me because it is (quite literally) universal. We all look up to this huge starry expanse above our heads, every night. We know it exists, we can see it with our own eyes, but we (at least, most of us) have never been there. To me, that represents boundless possibility, sparking the imagination but also tying us all together. It’s something we share.”

x LP

1 The Deep 2 Pull It Together 3 Once More, With Feeling 4 Suzy Dance 5 Two Satellites 6 You Live In My Phone 1 Braver Times 2 I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You 3 Day’s Gonna Come 4 Playground Love 5 From Here 6 Forget Forgive