Isbells - Isbells

€ 32,00

Release: 20-06-2020 | Label: Zeal Records

Langverwachte heruitgave van het debuut van Isbells, in een oplage van 300 stuks op lemon icecream coloured vinyl. 


1. As Long As It Takes
2. Without A Doubt
3. Reunite
4. Maybe
5. Dreamer
6. Time’s Ticking
7. I’m Coming Home
8. My Apologies
9. B.B. Chevell


It was somewhere in 2008. As the night fell, the very first Isbells songs were comingto life within Gaëtan Vandewoude’sbedroom. He was working on small but bravefighters: modest, breakable folk songs reminiscent of Nick Drake or Bon Iver, thatwould start their trip around the world from his room.Appearing on soundtracks for Grey’s Anatomy and Hawaii Five-O and featuring in aglobal TV campaign for Trivago–it’s clear that the success(107M Spotify streams)of songs likeAs Long as It Takes,Reunite,Elationand Dreamernot only surpassedthe bordershis country, but also those of Gaëtan Vandewoude’s expectations. “Ifound myself on a rollercoaster, and I’m still riding it10years later” says Isbells’ songwriter, looking back on his wonder years.At home in Belgium, the mellifluent melancholy of his debut album Isbells (2009) wasa regular feature on the air for weeks on end. Not only did concert venues andstreaming numbers grow in proportion, so did his dreams. Isbells toured Eurasia andcould see its fanbase grow all over the world. “This ride is such an enrichment to mylife. It makes you pause, dream and grow.I often feel blessed when I hear what kindof meaning has been attributed to my music–everything from comfort during loss toeuphoria at a wedding or a birth.”April 18th2020will see the long-awaitedre-release ofIsbells’ debutalbumon vinyl.The lemon icecream coloured vinyl limited edition(300)will only be available vialocal record stores for Record Store Day 2020.