Feminine Complex - Livin' love

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EventRSD DROPS 2020 - September 26
Release Date: 9/26/2020
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Modern Harmonic
Quantity: 1400
Release type: RSD Drops Sep 26th


A road paving, agency grabbing, '69 girl group garage band trip! Pressed on double pink vinyl!

Nashville, 1966: five young girls teach themselves their instruments playing along to the radio. Initially named 'The Pivots' and by the end of '67 christened as The Feminine Complex, they were playing out and developing a local following including radio and television appearances. They created their own versions of popular songs, a style that reflected their need to express their own experience of girlhood. Gender bending 'boys' songs' they simply changed the lyrics, modifying the major characters and pronouns creating a space for themselves inside the music where they were able to become the agents of their own wishes, needs and desires. Come '68, they appeared on NBC's nationally syndicated Showcase '68, hosted by Lloyd Thaxton paving way to their cult status.

It is not allegorical to say that in some way, they widened the entrance to the historical vacuum that a generation later would come to be filled by Riot Grrrl and rock 'n' roll camps for girls. The Feminine Complex were not just a good band because they were girls, or because they were the first girls. They are a good band because they are. Lucky for us, we have these recordings, so we can continue to hear why.

Features the original '69 album plus 11 originally unissued tracks!

01. Hide And Seek 02. Now I Need You 03. Are You Lonesome Like Me? 04. I Won’t Run 05. Six O’Clock In The Morning 06. Run That Thru Your Mind 07. It’s Magic 08. I Don’t Want Another Man 09. Forgetting 10. I’ve Been Workin’ On You 11. Time Slips By 12. Hold My Hand 13. Love Love Love 14. I’ve Been Workin’ On You (demo) 15. Hold Me 16. Now I Care 17. A Summer Morning 18. The Warmth Of Your Smile 19. Are You Lonesome Like Me? (demo) 20. Time Slips By (demo) 21. Is This A Dream? 22. Movin’